Kool April Nights – Redding, CA

Come visit Shasta 12 Volt for more information and show times,

At every Kool April Nites week-long event you’ll find • Miles of Classic Cars • Show and Shines • Trophies • Food • Music • Dances… and more fun than two teens in a rumble seat at the drive-in.Kool April Nights

As the event approaches, the public will be able to purchase presale tickets for $8 at local Napa Auto Parts stores, Raley’s on Lake Blvd and the Record Searchlight.
Admission to Kool April Nite’s main event, Saturday’s big car Show, is $10 at the gate for the general public. Spectator entry is free to those 70 and older or 12 and under! The Friday Nite Cruise, the other major highlight of this 9 day event is, of course, free to all spectators. Get your spot early because the sidewalks will be packed for this incredible parade of custom hot rods and restored classics! The age cut off for vehicles to be registered for the show is 1979 and older. Vehicles must be in running condition, have current registration and be insured and legal to operate on a public roadway in California.

Also see Shasta 12 Volt for car audio installation as well as install for electronics in RV, Boats, commercial vehicles and much more.

Maestro by iDatalink Installation – The 12 Volt Installer

2011 Mustang Maestro Integration
2011 Mustang Maestro Integration

Maestro by iDatalink is the ultimate integration piece for your modern vehicle. Web-programmable radio replacement interface for integration with factory systems including steering wheel controls, media player, hands-free telephone, voice commands, and satellite radio modules. Also displays vehicle information (performance gauges, climate controls, battery voltage, check engine codes and more) with iDatalink-compatible radios. Basic radio replacement features also available with non-iDatalink-compatible radios.  Get more information as well as installation from Shasta car audio.


2011 Mustang Maestro Integration
2011 Mustang Maestro Integration

Only iDatalink-compatible radios serially connect to Maestro products to offer you the advantages of your new car stereo while seamlessly integrating with your vehicle’s original infotainment systems such as Bluetooth hands-free, USB media player, satellite radio, steering wheel controls and more from Shasta car audio!

Here is a list of compatible radios from Maestro’s website –

Alpine: INE-W957HD, INE-W967HD, X008U, X009-FD1, X009-FD2, X009-GM, X009-GM2, X009-RAM, X009-TND, X009-U, X009-WRA, X108U, X110-SLV & X110-SRA.

JVC: KW-V320BT, KW-V420BT & KW-V620BT.

Kenwood: DDX5901HD, DDX5902, DDX6702S, DDX6902S, DDX7701HD, DDX773BH, DDX793, DDX8901HD, DDX9702S, DDX9902S, DNN770HD, DNN990HD, DNN991HD, DNN992, DNX4150BT, DNX570HD, DNX571EX, DNX571HD, DNX571TR, DNX572BH, DNX690HD, DNX691HD, DNX692, DNX7150BT, DNX771HD, DNX772BH, DNX890HD, DNX891HD & DNX892.

Pioneer: NOTE* -Gauges, Vehicle Info, Climate Control and Visual Park Assist screens are not supported with the following radios. AVH-4000NEX, AVH-4100NEX, AVH-4200NEX, AVH-X1700S, AVH-X2700BS, AVH-X3700BHS, AVH-X4700BS, AVH-X5700BHS, AVIC-5000NEX, AVIC-5100NEX, AVIC-5200NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-6100NEX, AVIC-6200NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, AVIC-8000NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-8200NEX & AVIC-X8610BS.

Mobile Audio & Video from Alpine

Alpine offers these lines: ipod & iphone integration, automotive speakers, head units, amplifiers, sound processing and subwoofers as well as alpine marine amplifiers, head units, speakers and subwoofers. Shasta 12 volt installs all of these products and more.Alpine stereo marine shasta 12 volt

We are hoping by providing you with exceptional customer service plentiful information on products you are shopping for, you will choose us to perform your installation. As always, we encourage you to shop around and make an educated decision. Shop us first for your labor quote or shop us last – Shasta 12 Volt is confident we will earn your business  when you need stereo installation.

I wanted to post some of the current models out for Alpine’s new Re-style line – Awesome 10″ screens available for certain vehicles., the link to that is listed down below.
X110-SLV for 10-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for Chevrolet Silverado, X110-SRA for 10-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for GMC Sierra, X009-FD2 for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for Select Ford F-150 Trucks, X009-WRA for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for Jeep Wrangler, X009-GM2 for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for GM, X009-RAM for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for RAM Trucks, X009-TND for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for Toyota Tundra Trucks, X009-GM for 9-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for GM and there are more styles available. You have to take a look at the integration for these…great addition to the aftermarket.

See Redding car audio or Shasta car audio  for more information and car audio installation, remote start installation, Alpine car audio installation, speaker installation and many other services.

JVC Mobile Audio, Video & Navigation – Install from Spokane 12 Volt

JVC car audio offers these lines: Android, iPod & iPhone integration, automotive speakers, head units, amplifiers, multi media and subwoofers as well as marine amplifiers, JVC stereo, speakers and subwoofers. Spokane 12 volt installs all of these products and more.

We are hoping by providing you with exceptional customer service plentiful information on products you are shopping for, you will choose us to perform your installation. As always, we encourage you to shop around and make an educated decision. Shop us first for your labor quote or shop us last – Spokane 12 Volt is confident we will earn your business.JVC KD-R840BT Spokane 12 Volt

Please see below the Amazon products for links and reference sites.

Learn about in-dash music, navigation and driving apps powered by smartphone. Find out how to get the most from iOS devices. Discover advanced in-car features of SiriusXM Satelite Radio. See in-car options for Clear Channel’s amazing free all-in-one digital radio service. Check out JVC’s new Digital Media option for boats, ATVs, UTVs, and Motorcycles.

We will be posting information on remote start brands very soon. Let us know if you need remote start installation.

2006 Cadillac DTS Ghost Light Installation – Spokane

2006 Cadillac DTS Ghost Light Install

2006 Cadillac DTS Ghost Light Installation - SpokaneThis was an innovative install and product, the customer purchased them on eBay for $15.00 and had went to a Spokane car audio installation competitor first that carries these lights. They wanted $44.99 a set and being a 4 door vehicle he needed 2 sets. Labor is over that price, the $44.99 is for the product only.

The out come was pretty nice, sets you apart from the crowd and really gives your vehicle a custom look at night. The installation process takes approximately 1 hour per door depending how your vehicle is set up from the factory. The lights are designed to come on when the door is opened, again, different vehicles will have a different interaction with the lights.2006 Cadillac DTS Ghost Light Installation - Spokane

They make them for just about every make of vehicle, if you are looking for that custom touch to compliment your vehicle, its a great add on for a custom car audio installation.  If you decide to do these, make sure you shop around and get a quote. Once you have shopped all the retail stores, give Spokane 12 Volt an email, we would love to see if we can help you out with your the LED installation.

Spokane 12 Volt covers Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Couer d’Alene, Deer Park, Medical Lake, South Hill, Shadle, Hillyard, Liberty Lake and more!



Starving student? Need a money break…Need some car service? EWU Students SAVE!

Spokane 12 Volt has been working with some EWU students in Cheney – The install car audio, video, alarm systems, remote start systems and other vehicle electronics. It has come to their attention that Easter Washington University students need a helping hand with car audio installation prices. Some have said they have been ripped off, bait and switch and other horror stories.

Save up to 50% on retail labor pricing for installing just about anything you need in your vehicle. They can do light mechanical work, but that is about it.  ewu stiched eagle cheney.spokane12volt.comThey major in electronics, but who doesn’t want to protect their vehicle with an alarm system or get through those cold mornings and blistering hot summer days with a remote start system installation? Well maybe you are into some sound – they can help there too – You can shop on Amazon right at spokane12volt.com! Secure and just send them a message. They will answer all your questions, help YOU shop for what you really need. Buy online, save some money – have them install and save even more! You cant get that kind of service anywhere without paying a premium price.

So if you need remote start installation – a new navigation system installed or just some advice – send them a message! Medical Lake, no we did not forget you!

Alarm system add-ons – Answers from Spokane 12 Volt

Once you have decided on the alarm system you want, you will need to figure out what features you want to use as well as some add-on items. Add-ons include items like: glass break sensor which picks up the high frequency range glass makes when being broken, shock or vibration sensor (most all systems have one included), back up battery for the system in a case where the vehicle battery has been disconnected or the cable has been cut, the battery will allow the system to still function on its own, motion sensor (or microwave sensor) sees motion and movement in the bubble that it creates – initial outer bubbles warns the intruder while the inside bubble sets the alarm off, hood pin or trunk pin for when they have been opened and sends a signal to the alarm system, dome light supervision for when you disarm the system it allows the dome light to come on and is a nice feature to have.
Other features/add-ons like light flash, keyless entry, rear defroster, hazard light flash, headlight illumination, heated seats, and trunk pop are all viable options if your vehicle came with them from the factory. If your vehicle does not have options like heated seats, power door locks, power windows or trunk pop – Spokane 12 Volt can install those for you as well.

Did you know? Did you know that factory alarm systems do not include features like glass break sensor, shock sensors and other items? Most factory alarm systems have basics like starter immobilizer, door pins and a trunk pin – most do not even have a trunk pin. There are other features and add-ons on the market. If your vehicle has something or there is an item you want and do not see it listed, let us know.

Alarm installation for motorcycle alarm, semi truck alarm, rv alarm, car and truck from Spokane 12 Volt. Spokane Valley, Spokane, Airway Heights, Couer d’Alene and many other surrounding cities are support by our mobile service.

Airway Heights Car audio remote start installation

Mobile installation services are now available in Airway Heights. Do you need a car stereo installed? Remote start system? Have some used gear from another vehicle you would like to put to good use? Spokane 12 Volt can help. Let them know and they will get you in the schedule.

They work the Spokane metro area as well as Cda and Hayden. Contact them through their website for a quote and see how much money they can save you. They also work on boats,  semi trucks and RVs

Vehicle, Marine, RV, Semi Truck Head Unit – Answers

Car & Marine stereos – soooo many. What are you looking for in a stereo? CD player? Pandora? Iheart radio? Sirius/XM? Bluetooth streaming? The list goes on for options – A good basic stereo for about $100 will get you a cd player, AM/FM & USB port. Some manf.have stereos for $100 with a remote included. Step up a little and get Bluetooth for hands free calling through your speakers and they include a mic. Most Bluetooth stereos will stream music as well, which is great…who needs a cd? Use streaming Bluetooth or use a USB thumb drive with music loaded to it and your done!
Spokane 12 Volt Car AUdio Navigation Installation
Next steps up are RCA outputs for amplifiers, aux. input, rear USB ports, iPod controls, iHeart radio, pandora radio, Sirius/XM…wheew. Then up to video head units, flip out screens, double din, reverse cameras, video outputs, HDMI, naviagtion. There are 2 other main factors to consider, are you using your new stereo for entertainment or high quality music. Price is really what it comes down to, Amazon will save you a TON of money on your product and Spokane 12 Volt will save you a headache with low cost installation.

Need the time? GMT Time zones from around the world – good bookmark to have. Always free, just info on Greenwich Mean Time, GMT

Subwoofers – Answers

What kind of bass do you want? Deep and slow? Tight and responsive – do you listen to rock, rap, country, classical, jazz…? All and more? These are the questions salesmen should be asking you when they are trying to get you to buy the current “salesman spiff special”. Trying to get you to buy what they will make the most on. Is it what you really need? Maybe.

You are in a new current situation, talking with someone through email and Spokane 12 Volt, on the otherside of the screen, is trying to advise you to buy something that will fit your needs. Why would our words be more credible; because you are buying the product off of Amazon – you pick what you like, what fits your budget. No pressure, think about it….

Now for the subwoofers – An 8″ sub is great for small, tight spaces and will give you a small amount of bass, just a nice hint to complete the frequency range. Advised as a small boost. 10″ subwoofer will give you more of a “boost” – great for music that has fast bass beats like double pedel in rock, metal – great for jazz because of the quick response. Less cone surface to move and control. A 12″ subwoofer is optimal for low frequency with good response, bass heavy rap, R&B, electronica, drum and bass. Put one or two 12″ subs in a vented box..know you have something to give you a real beat. 15″ subs – what can I say – ultimate low requenzy bass response, the “shake everyones rear view mirror at a stop light” subwoofer. For the I want to be heard consumer, nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your music, love your music!

If you need assistance on subwoofer installation – speaker installation in the Spokane area. Visit spokane12volt.com, Spokane’s only mobile installation service. Spokane car audio installation service – nice to know!